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The Story of BH

Hi Ya'll! My husband, Camryn, and I purchased our homestead in April of 2018. The house was built in 1924 and has quite the history from what the neighbors say! Little did we know how far we would come in just a few years. The days are short and the lists of projects are long and seem to get longer every day. God graciously blessed us with our daughter, Mabel, in April of 2020. I'm so excited to see her grow up knowing and loving this homesteader lifestyle.

We've completed some updates in the house but the major project has been the "shed." It had previously caught fire some time ago and was brought back to life with some structural reinforcement. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do with this building but nailed down some ideas and went for it along with lots of enlisted help from family. It's pretty amazing to see the transformation from the "shed" to the horse barn. And let me tell you, Glaze and Cindy absolutely love their new homes! We will soon be offering a couple of stalls for boarding.

I've always had a love for horses. My very first ride was when I was 6-7 months old at the "Clark County Mule Festival" in my grandpa's lap. I started giving lessons here at BH in 2019 to a few friend's children and it has turned into quite the fun summer activity for lots of kids in the area. Watching the eyes light up of children mounting a horse for the first time has been one of my favorites!

We are green thumbs in the making - very green! Our garden has been teaching us a thing or two each year. We added some raised garden boxes last year. Maybe this year, our gardening skills will get a little better and we'll keep a little more alive and we'll be able to offer the fruits of our labor at market.

We keep saying we're adding chickens to the mix each year. Likely not this year either but maybe next! Like I said earlier, the days are short and the lists are long. I don't know about you and your household, but we love eggs! Farm fresh is the best.

With all this said, the greatest things we've done have been nurturing and caring for what we have in the best way we can to Glorify our God and we want to share a little slice of that with you.

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